Conference Presentations

Hearing ‘Hereditary Genius’: Musicality and the Rhetorical Foundations of Eugenics,” American Musicological Society, Online, November 12–22, 2021

Musical Selection: Eugenics, Ethnomusicology, and the Right,” Society for Ethnomusicology, Online, October 28–31, 2021

“Was There a Eugenic Musical Aesthetic?” Conference of the Royal Musical Association Music and Philosophy Study Group, London, July 1­–2, 2021 [Conference cancelled owing to COVID-19]

Francis Galton’s Singing Eutopia: Musicality, Vitality, and Sexuality in The Eugenic College of Kantsaywhere (1909),” Modern Language Association, Toronto, CA [Online], January 7–10, 2021

“Eugenics at 78rpm: The Phonograph as Instrument of Racial Betterment,” Society for American Music, Minneapolis, MN, March 25–29, 2020 [Conference postponed owing to COVID-19]

Spotify, Ancestry, and Race Science in the Twenty-First Century,” American Musicological Society, Boston, MA, October 31–November 3, 2019

The Mismeasure of Music: Eugenics and the Science of Musical Ability,” Sonic Circulations 1900–1950: Musical Thought, Scientific Fantasies, Global Contexts, King’s College, London, June 24–5, 2019

Eugenics at the Eastman School: Music Psychology and the Racialization of Musical Talent,” American Musicological Society, Rochester, NY, November 9–12, 2017

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